In Quito, the volunteer can help by taking care and teaching English to children. Also, volunteers can help by taking care of the elderly, the volunteers who are doctors, nurses, therapists or dentists can participate in the area of health.
Also, we provide with legal assistance to people who have low economic resources, we give assistance in the social area, working law, childhood, adolescence and family among other areas.

Work in legal assistance

Work in day care center
Work with young people
Teaching of English
Work with elderly

Work in training for women
Help in therapies

Voluntary work in the dental care area 

Your experience in voluntary work can be much better once you have knowledge about the language that is spoken in the place where you will be working, through this you can interact in a better way with the people around you. That is the reason why we offer Spanish classes, in a group or individual in a kind and warm environment with excellent teachers.